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Innovation. Quality. Experience.

Premium water-jet assisted products
Human med AG is an innovative medical technology company with its headquarters in Schwerin, Germany.  Our field of activity is “Water Jet Surgery”. As the worldwide leading manufacturer of water-jet assisted products for the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery we set benchmarks in natural body contouring.

We gained long-term experience in medical technology with water-jet dissectors that allow precise control and delicate tissue handling. On this basis we offer Water-jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL) and Autologous Fat Transfer for aesthetic body contouring, reconstructive surgery and treatment of soft tissue defects, scars and chronic wounds.


Natural, gentle and sustainable body contouring
We stand for the natural and gentle use of the water-jet technology in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery.

Our innovative water-jet assisted method is based on the gentle use of the power of the water-jet.

Among other features, the pressure of the fine, fan-shaped water-jet can be adjusted to the different connective tissue structures so that the fat cells can be selectively detached from the tissue and aspirated at the same time. The surrounding subcutaneous adipose tissue, as well as the nerves and blood vessels, remain relatively undamaged.

In comparison to conventional liposuction methods, the autologous fat collected by means of the gentle water-jet technology is of above-average quality. In published studies, the accretion rate of fat cells after augmentation with autologous fat collected in a water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) was quantified at 76% ± 11%.

Likewise, we have substantially simplified the processing of fat. Up to now harvesting and processing autologous fat for fat grafting has often been a complicated and time-consuming process. Thanks to the fat-sparing and efficient water-jet assisted fat transfer the time and cost-consuming associated with centrifuge and any further processing of the adipose tissue become unnecessary.

Sustainable and future-oriented.
Over the past years our company has gained a positive international reputation. Especially in the fields of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Besides the use of smallest volumes of autologous fat for anti-aging treatments, we are currently working on a closed system with which adult stem cells can be harvested for regenerative medicine.

Quality and a broad range of treatment methods.
Through innovative technology and a broad range of applications, we have created added value for medical staff as well as patients. The current water-jet assisted systems made by Human Med optimally meet the requirements of the rapidly rising trend to use autologous fat for the correction of soft tissue defects, scar improvement and wound healing.

Furthermore, the use of the smallest volumes of autologous fat, as an alternative to conventional fillers for anti-aging treatments, is a new field of application for our technology.

Regenerative medicine.
Our company supports the ongoing development of a water-jet assisted system for the collection of adult stem cells in an innovative and sustainable manner.