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How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal is a light based treatment which allows the inhibition of the hair regrowth, leading to its progressively permanent reduction. By absorption of the laser light the hair is heated and the cells in the surrounding, which are responsible for hair regrowth, are permanently damaged. Since the hair is sensitive to laser treatment in the anagen phase only and since in human beings the hair cycle is not synchronized (different hair follicles are in different phases), multiple treatments are necessary in order to achieve the result.

Epilation with EpiLab means…

… a fast and comfortable treatment, performable all the year long: suitable for all areas, safe on all skin types – even on slightly tanned skin – and effective on all hair colors, from dark blond to very dark.

The High Power Diode Laser for epilation

The Epi Lab integrates the ultimate state – of – the – art technology available on the market for hair removal: a high power diode laser with a unique combination of wavelengths. This and many others unsurpassed features make Epi Lab the most wanted hair removal system on the market.

Why choosing The Epi Lab

  • Fast, comfortable, painless treatments thanks to the SmoothPulse mode
  • Light, ergonomic handpiece with integrated skin cooling
  • Small, light, portable device
  • User friendly interface
  • No consumables and lowest running costs on the market



  • High Power Diode Laser class 4
  • Pain Free Hair Removal
  • Dual Wavelength
  • Contact Parallel Cooling
  • Bigger Spot size 14 mm X 10 mm
  • Pulse Width Upto 400ms
  • Fluence Upto 400ms
  • Frequency Upto 40 J/cm2
  • Frequency Upto 12Hz
  • Portable Dimension 365(w)X560(d)X465(h)
  • FDA Approved

A Perfect combination of Wavelengths

810 nm : long term proved wavelength for hair removal, high absorption in Melanin.  

940 nm : higher absorption in oxyhemoglobine, coagulation of micro-vessels feeding roots.

The combination of both wavelength is most suitable for hair removal applications on all skin types.

HIGH ABSORPTION in (Eu)melanin:
By absorption of the laser light the hair is heated and the cells in the surrounding, which are responsible for hair regrowth are damaged. (Cooling of Epidermis necessary, especially for dark skin, which also contains melanin!!) 

LOWER ABSORPTION in blood and water:
The blood and the skin (which contains water) absorb only a little bit of light and are therefore not much heated. That‘s why the risk of side effects is low. 

Homogenity of the laser spot

  • Optimized profile generated by quartz fiber bundle (TAPER technology) 
  • Sapphire coated (to prevent in-burn of particles) 
  • Square shaped beam (no gaps between spots, no overlap) 
  • Most homogeneous beam profiles 
  • Flat top profile – same Fluence all over the spot (no ‚hot spots‘) 
  • Fiber bundle tapers unique on the market for optimal light delivery 
  • No energy losses

Hair growth cycle

  • Hair is sensitive to laser treatment in the Anagen phase only
  • In human beings the hair cycle is NOT synchronized – different hair follicles are in different phases -> multiple treatments are necessar

st applicator

Applicator – optimal adaptation for treatments

ST 14×10 mm Epilation, acne, rejuvenation all skin types (Standard) Wavelength : Main focus at 810nmModes: Basic +Professional +SmoothPulseFluence: Max. 47 J/cm²

st applicator xl

The Epi Lab is also equipable with the XL handpiece, with the largest spot available on the market. The handpiece is provided with 2 different tips, the XL-L tip (9.1 cm2) and the XL-S tip (3.0 cm2), allowing the treatment of both larger and smaller areas. The new 360° skin-cooling system allows the highly efficient pre-cooling of the epidermis, protecting it from the risk of burns and allowing treatment in any direction. This guarantees the highest degree of comfort for both the patient and the user.)