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Body-Jet Water Liposuction


Minimizes trauma and risk for patient


Easy cannula control – more comfortable for patients


70 % less TLA infiltration fluid needed

Body Jet Thailand
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The Gentle Way of Lipoplasty

A fundamentally new approach to liposuction, the innovative body-jet® from HUMAN MED® employs the gentle power of water-jet assisted lipoplasty. Unlike traditional liposuction

methods, the body-jet® uses a gentle jet of water to simultaneously dislodge and remove fat from the body, while sparing blood vessels, nerves and surrounding tissue. The procedure is safe, effective and easy, offering outstanding results with minimal risk and faster patient recovery.

Water Jet - Assisted Liposuction (WAL)

With conventional liposuction procedures, the subcutaneous fatty tissue is filled with a large volume of tumescent solution as preparation for surgery. This leads to the body’s contours becoming indistinct because the body is ‘pumped up’. The process is different for water jet-assisted liposuction: Before the procedure only a small amount of local anaesthetic is injected into the body. Pre-infiltration with tumescent solution and the associated waiting time is not needed with the WAL procedure.

The gentle and selective force of the water jet during liposuction: unlike conventional liposuction procedures with water jet-assisted liposuction, the fatty-tissue is detached and suctioned up at the same time. It works with a fan-shaped, fine waterjet with minimal force applied and few side effects. this is a particularly gentle and low-pain procedure.


How It Work

Phase 1 : Infiltration of analgesics and adrenaline

70% less TLA Infiltration volume and exposure time vs. conventional methods

Infiltration of analgesics and adrenaline

Phase 2 : Simutaneous irrigation and aspiration

Micro droplets of fatty tissue released by water, not fragmented or liquefied by physical power of the cannula)

Simutaneous irrigation and aspiration


Homogeneous Structure, less trauma, minor residuals

Homogeneous Structure, less trauma, minor residuals

Usage and Benefits

Using the body-jet®, liposuction is performed in a safe, effective and fast way.

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