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               All DERMO28 formulas are the result of over thirty years of continuous work, carried out by a highly qualified team
of professionals, who gave life to the Tuttestetica Study and Research Centre, that can certify the effectiveness, safety and high quality of our products, through an uninterrupted activity of research, experimentation and clinical tests.

               DERMO underlines the scientific-dermocosmetic mission of brand
28 underlines the fact that skin is a vital organ and only the people who know it very well could realize targeted and successfull treatments

          DERMO28 formulas are perfectly complementary and have been studied to be used in synergy. Indeed, depending on the skin types and peculiarities, the association of more targeted, specific products, ensures the optimization of the results, as well as the treatment and prevention of more skin flaws simultaneously.

DERMO28 is born in 1995

thanks to a team of professionals highly specialized in therapy and treatment of skin.
Our team is composed by cosmetologists, doctors, marketing professionals, psychologists: professionals with different backgrounds united by the same curiosity, and by the common desire of exploring and of innovating.Nowadays the huge work of our DERMO28 Research Facility, directed by the Professor Giampiero Mazzocchetti, and the constant experimentation in qualified facilities such as Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, are the elements that keep on distinguishing us and of which we are prouder.

Our competence further made us privileged partners of SPA and facilities of international fame that entrusted us of providing high level products and services, delivering us in 20 years of activity a unique experience baggage and a unique know-how.

DERMO28 has been invented and manufactured in Italy by DERMO28, recognized as the most effective brand. Leading and distributing in many countries around the world.